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Making the Most of Your Time

      God's Word discourages laziness while encouraging each of us to show thankfulness to our Creator by fully using the time and talents He has given us. The Bible urges us to make the most of today, realizing the brevity of our lives on earth.
     Remember what happens when you exhale on a freezing cold day? You see a white mist in the air for just a moment; then it's gone. That's what our lives are like, according to God's Word (James 4:13-15). We have only a short time on earth, and one day we will give account of how we used the time God gave us.
     In fact, the Bible counsels us not to count on having even one more day. "Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth" (Proverbs 27:1).
     If you knew that today were your last day to live, don't you think your time would seem so precious that you wouldn't want to waste a minute? That's how God wants us to view His gift of time.
     Last of all, we learn from the Bible that God abhors laziness. Doing nothing is inexcusable in the eyes of our Creator. Not that He is against resting or taking a break now and then. Remember, even He took a break on the seventh day of Creation!
     What God does not like is a slothful person, a person who views everything as "too much work". The Bible makes fun of this type of person, saying that he won't even eat, because even lifting his hand to his mouth is just too difficult a task (Proverbs 19:24).
     So, instead of working on your "lazy bum" impersonation, why not put your summer months to good use? Here are some ideas that you can personalize to fit your individual interests and areas of talent.

     Be Creative.  Craft stores host a variety of         classes, from painting to sewing to cake         decorating. (You may consult library books for         do-it-yourself instruction.) Try watching TV shows,         such as Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls, for ideas         to makeover your room. Organize a music         ensemble with your friends and practice songs         that you can perform for church, jr. church, youth         events, nursing home services, etc. Plan a themed         birthday party for a friend or sibling. Free your         imagination to be creative!

     Be Athletic.  Try something you've never done         before--like roller blading, rock climbing, or playing         tennis. Stretch the limits of what you can achieve         physically, either increasing the speed or duration         of exercises such as walking, running, biking, or         jumping rope. Challenge your body to do a stunt         that is new, like pull-ups, push-ups, or cartwheels.         Use this summer to get in shape!

     Be Helpful.  I'm aware that this will probably be         the least tempting type of activity, but you'll find that         learning these skills will help you become


        independent in later years. For example, doing         laundry is helpful now, and when you're in college         you'll really value the ability to wash your clothes         without shrinking, fading, or transferring colors.         You can help your dad while learning automotive         skills you'll need once you get your own car: things         like pumping gas, replacing tires or windshield         wipers, checking oil, or a simple wash and wax.         Babysitting can also teach you valuable skills that         will someday help you care for your own children.

     Be Productive. Nothing satisfies like knowing         you've made something that wasn't there before.         When God made the world, He said that it was         good, and you can feel the same way, too. Learn         to follow a recipe, assemble ingredients, and         produce a delicious dish for your whole family to         enjoy. Make a wreath, mosaic stepping stone, or         even create something totally new out of         recyclables you find in your own home. Plant         seeds to grow some colorful flowers or         wholesome vegetables. Write a short story or         illustrate a comic strip.

     Be Entrepreneurial. Got good business sense         and a healthy dose of ambition? Unleash those         skills by starting a summer business--dog walking,         babysitting, window washing, or lawn mowing, for         example. Put together a family yard sale or help         with a bake sale to support your church youth         group or other charitable cause. You'll learn         important skills about money management and         human relations that will prove invaluable when         you're old enough to get a "real" job!

     Be Wise. Why not increase your wisdom during         the summer by increasing your knowledge of         God's Word? Set yourself some reading goals,         borrow a concordance and do a word study, or         write some verses you like on index cards and see         how many you can memorize. Learning God's         Word is the best way to invest today's time         toward improving your reputation and satisfaction         in the future.

     These and other wholesome activities chase away the "there's nothing to do" blues, revealing a more interesting and accomplished you. When you make things happen instead of wasting your time, it helps your days to end on a good note and instills a sense that life is worthwhile. Doing, learning, and contributing nothing, on the other hand, produces depression and low self-esteem.
     Instead of being slothful, we should realize that anything that is worthwhile to accomplish takes effort, and the more effort we put into it, the more satisfaction we'll feel in the end. Proverbs 14:23 says, "In all labour there is profit," so let's get off of the sofa and make the most of today!

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