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(The following story was submitted by Purity Girl and teen writer, Olivia McLeod.)



Chapter Six

     "Hey, Carol. How was the youth activity?" Mrs. Linburgh asked as Carol climbed into the massive pickup later that night.
     Carol beamed through her tears at her mother and cheerfully replied, "Great!" She was thankful for the darkness that engulfed them, hiding her tears from her mother. Carol didn't want to reveal her life-changing news until later at home when her dad would be able to hear, too.
     "Bye, Melody!" Carol called out the window as they pulled out of the parking lot. "Thanks for inviting me!"
     "Bye," Melody called back, "see you Monday!"
     Carol chuckled and leaned back into the leather seat. After getting to know Melody a little better, she had discovered that the blonde wasn't as shy as she seemed.
     Glancing at her mom as they passed under a streetlight, Carol noticed her mother's worried expression as the light cast a glow over her face. She was about to ask about it, but decided that her mom was probably just worried about what Carol had thought of church. Yeah, that's probably it, she thought, what else could it be?
     Carol turned away from her mom and focused on the road--a road she did not recognize. They were not headed toward home.
     "Uh, mom, where are we going?"
     Mrs. Linburgh didn't even glance her way as she replied, "Laurie Fowler is in labor, but something else is wrong as well. We're going to the hospital to be there for her and Joanne."
     Carol couldn't even express her concern, for the only words she was able to form were, "Oh, no!" She could only imagine what Joanne was going through at that moment.



      Joanne trembled as she entered her mother's hospital room and saw the pain etched across her mom's thin face. The doctor who had led Joanne to the room crossed it in three long strides and knelt beside Laurie. He spoke softly.
     "Mrs. Fowler, you are in labor, but your baby is turned. We are going to try to turn your baby, but you cannot push until we say you can. Understand?"
     Joanne watched as her mother nodded and whispered something that she interpreted as, "I'll do my best."
     "That's all we ask," the doctor replied; then, "Your daughter is here to see you," he added. Turning to Joanne, he warned, "You have time for just a short visit."
     Joanne nodded to him and walked as quickly to her mother's bedside as her wobbly legs would allow.
     "Hey, Mom," she whispered, kneeling down beside her mother as she'd seen the doctor do.
     Laurie smiled weakly. "We're going to be okay."
     Joanne bit her lip and replied, "Mom, if you and baby do make it through this, I promise I'll give church a try."
     Laurie smiled again with a soft, "Thank you."
     Suddenly, her sweet face twisted into a look of pain and determination before she let out a cry. A nurse hurried in from behind Joanne and helped her up.
     "I'm afraid you'll have to go to the waiting room now. Can you find your way there?" She assessed Joanne with a worried look.
     Joanne nodded. "I'll be fine. Just take care of them." She motioned to her mother whose swollen stomach formed a large lump under the hospital sheets.
     With one more sympathetic glance, the nurse turned to her work.
     Joanne stifled a sniffle and turned toward the door. If there really was a God, she prayed He would keep her mom and tiny unborn sibling safe.

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