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(The following story was submitted by Purity Girl and teen writer, Olivia McLeod.)



Chapter Four

     "Hi!" Melody greeted as Carol hopped down from her parents' truck and slammed the door shut.
     "Hey," Carol returned a bit nervously. "I wasn't sure how to dress; I hope this is okay." She had donned her wavy jean skirt (her only skirt) and a hunter green short sleeve shirt that matched her belt. For shoes she simply wore her Old Navy flat sandals that went with her shirt as well.
     "Wow! You look great! I don't think I've ever seen you wear your hair down before." Melody nodded as if to confirm what she said. " I like it like that."
     "Thanks," Carol said as they started walking toward the old brick church.
     "Did you bring a Bible?" Melody inquired.
     "Yeah, my mom let me borrow hers." Carol produced a small pocket Bible out of her baggy camouflage purse. "She went ecstatic when I told her that I was coming here tonight..."
     "...Thanks," she added as Melody held the door open for her.
     Inside the door was a long hallway lined with closed wooden doors. At the end of the hall were double doors that revealed a set of stairs, a corner, then another set of stairs that led to a sanctuary packed with teens.
     "Wow," Carol exclaimed, "there sure are a lot of teens here."
And they all look happier than my other friends when we sneak out to a party. How can they be having this much fun--at church? Carol wondered.
     "Okay guys…and gals." A man who looked to be in his late twenties got up on the platform. "Time to be seated."
     "He's the youth pastor; you'll like him," Melody whispered as they slid into a pew near the back.
     He just called me a "gal," Carol thought as she leaned back and tried to relax. How cool can he be?


     Joanne rushed home from tennis practice so she could keep an eye on her mom and make dinner for her. She worried so much about her mother. Even though Joanne's mom was religious, she was still her mom, and Joanne loved her despite her strange


beliefs. Joanne jogged across her yard and turned her house key in the lock. As she opened the door, she heard her mom scream.
     "Mom?" Joanne called as she dropped her book bag in the door and rushed upstairs. She skidded to a stop beside her mom's bed and knelt by her head.
     "Oh, God, help me!" Her mother's plea pierced Joanne to her core.
     "Mom?" Joanne repeated with tears beginning to form in her eyes. She hated seeing her mom in this kind of pain.
     Laurie turned her head to her daughter's voice. "Joanne." Her voice was barely audible, "I'm glad you're here." She reached for Joanne's hand and attempted a weak smile that was interrupted by another pain-filled cry. Her other palm clutched at her abdomen.
     "Mom, do you want me to call the hospital?" Joanne blinked and down her cheek ran a lonesome tear and fell on her mother's hand.
     "No," Laurie replied through clenched teeth. "Just go get Jean."
     Joanne nodded and ran downstairs, through the front door, and over to Carol's house, all the while trying unsuccessfully to brush away her tears. Mr. Linburgh answered the door.
     "Hi Joanne..." His smile quickly faded when he noticed her tear stained face. "What's wrong?"
     "Is your wife home?" Joanne asked.
     "What's wrong, dear?" Jean Linburgh had come up behind her husband to see what was the matter.
     "It's my mom." Joanne sobbed. " I've never seen her in this much pain before. She asked for you."
     Mrs. Linburgh brushed passed her husband and was running back home with Joanne in a second. As they ran up the stairs to her bedroom, Joanne's mom let out a louder, more urgent-sounding cry.
     "Joanne, call for an ambulance--quickly." Joanne heard the fear behind Mrs. Linburgh's efficient tone.
     Joanne ran for the phone and numbly punched the numbers 9-1-1. She listened to the responsive ringing tone on the other end. God, Joanne prayed without realizing it, please take care of my mom. A woman's voice came on the line.
     "9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

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