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Jesus Only
(The following story was submitted by Purity Girl and teen writer, Olivia McLeod.)



Chapter One

     "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going!" Fourteen-year-old Carol Linburgh scowled at her parents, aghast at their nerve to even consider that she would go to church. They had been trying to get her to go with them ever since they went with their neighbor to Fellowship Baptist Church a few weeks before. Carol had tried to be patient and understanding with her parents at first; confident that this "heaven or hell", "saved or unsaved" thing would wear off eventually. But after the first week or so the church's notion was transparent: brainwash whoever they could...including Carol and her parents.
     "You know, Carol," her mother whispered, "that we just want the best for you, honey."
     Carol's voice softened. "I know you do. It's not your fault that these people are trying to brainwash you. But," she raised her voice, "I will not be one of those people who are brainwashed!"
     Carol left the breakfast table and trudged up the stairs to her room. She started to turn on her computer, and then remembered her family's conversation two days before.
     "The next time we catch you on that computer looking at or listening to who-knows-what, we are throwing it out!" her father, Kenneth, had very strictly made known.
     "Oh yeah! Well, what are you gonna do when you're not home? You and mom used to be cool; now you guys are just plain annoying and embarrassing!" she had shot back. Carol guessed she'd wait 'til they went to that church of theirs. For now, her iPod was pleasure enough.
     As she listened to the latest punk group, Carol watched from her window as her parents' jet black Dodge truck backed out of the driveway and headed east. Once they were out of sight, she saw a small, slim figure slip out from behind a tree and walk toward Carol's house. As Carol squinted to get a better idea of who it was, the girl looked straight at her and waved. Joanne.
     Joanne Fowler was Carol's best friend. Both of them were pretty popular in school and were invited to all the cool parties their friends had when their parents went away.


     "Hey, Joanne, what's up?" Carol said as she opened the door for her friend.
     "Nothing much. And you?"
     "Hey, I was wondering if you're still going to Jessie's party tomorrow night. Her parents are going to be away, and she got the latest punk CD. Did you hear it yet?"
     "Yeah, I'm going, and I was just listening to that CD before you came. It's bangin'. By the way, how's your mom doing?"
     Joanne scowled. "Still religious. I thought she'd snap out of it by now. I wish dad wouldn't have gotten a chance to spread this craziness to her before he died."
     A month ago, Joanne's dad, Tom, was in a terrible car accident, and a preacher had come to his deathbed to tell him how to be saved. Tom got saved that day, then called for his wife, Laurie, and told her how to be saved. Laurie didn't listen to him then, but realized her need for Jesus at his funeral. She then started pleading with Joanne to come to church, but Joanne flatly refused.
     "No, I meant with the baby," Carol said, rubbing her abdomen.
     "Oh. The baby is causing mom some cramps and pain in her side. The doctor says her due date's in August, but they'll have to induce mom earlier if he...or she... keeps causing her pain."
     "August?! That's only two months away!" Carol gasped, clasping her hand over her mouth.
     "I know. It's no big deal. Are your folks still religious, too?"
     "Yeah, still religious," Carol repeated while rolling her eyes. "But I don't want to talk about it, so...what do you want to do?"
     "I want to go out to the mall and get an outfit for tomorrow night. Come on, let's go!"
     "Wait! I can't buy anything without money! I'll be right back; my wallet is in my room."
     Carol hastily ran up the steps and into her room, grabbed her purse and wallet off her dresser, ran back downstairs, and flew out the door right behind Joanne. Finally, something to get her mind off her insane parents.

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