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How to Stay Pure

     Have you decided to commit to a life of purity? If so, I am very proud of you! God will bless your desire to keep your mind and heart clean so that he can guide you, teach you and use you. Making God the captain of your ship means that you're headed for a great destination! Here's what you'll need to keep from pushing Him aside and taking the controls back into your own hands:
     First, you'll need an unshakeable commitment. In Daniel 1:8a, the Bible says that "Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself". Daniel had a different set of temptations to face in his day, but they were just as strong as the temptations that you face today. Like you, Daniel had to set a firm commitment in his own heart that even if he was the only one doing right, he would not let sin become a habit in his life: he made a vow of purity to God.
     Second, you'll need to take immediate action. Immediately, take time to prayerfully evaluate yourself for sins and temptations to sin that you can remove from your life. Find a quiet place, and tell God that you want to give your life wholly to Him so that He can use you and bless you. Ask Him to show you areas in your life that are not pleasing to Him and that pose a danger of leading you into future sin. Then take a notebook and list each major part of your life: your friends, your response to your family, your performance in school, your participation at church, your free time activities (TV, music, books, etc), your sinful habits, your clothing (go look in your closet if you need to), your reputation, your conversations, your attitude toward God.
     Write down what you need to change. What should


you stop doing? What do you need to do more? If there are things that can be done immediately, do them. Do you need to apologize to someone for your unkind or disrespectful attitude? Should you confess some sin to God? Do you need to get rid of some clothing, music, or magazines that you know are displeasing to God?
     Third, evaluate your priorities. If your commitment to God is not the most important thing in your life, you're sure to fail when it comes to the thing that is more important than God. For example, if you think that it's important to live for God, and you want to do so almost as much as you crave candy and junk food, then I can tell you that when the prize cabinet at church is left open by accident, you will sacrifice your desire for purity to give into your desire for candy. If you're a little more "boy crazy" than you are enthusiastic about the Lord, then you'll give in to the temptation to wear skimpy clothes and flirt with boys. If you love God almost as much as you love being popular, then you will follow God until there is peer pressure and then you will do whatever your friends all want you to do. You have to put God and your decision to live a pure life first. Will you do that?
     Last, renew yourself each day by the cleansing of God's Word, and evaluate yourself in prayer to God each day. If you are going to succeed, you must realize your dependence on God. You cannot do this alone. Acknowledge to God that you need Him every day. Ask for His strength to yield to Him in every little decision. Remember, with God's help you're unstoppable! (Philippians 4:13)

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