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A Complete Makeover!

      Do you enjoy watching makeover shows on TV? You know, the ones where they ambush an unsuspecting pedestrian and whisk her away to the beauty salon and fashion boutique for a quick change, head to toe.
     Then the stylists descend in a perfect flurry of snipping, dying, plucking, powdering and primping. But the coolest part comes at the end, when you get to see a split-screen contrast of the before and after. Sometimes it's amazing how different a person can look in such a short time!
     Today's fashion victim may be you, but never fear; God wants to pull you aside for a makeover session by the Master himself! He promises to refresh and beautify your very essence.
     Below are some biblical makeover instructions that unlock the secret to inner beauty. Just follow this advice from God's Word, and you'll witness an amazing "before and after" transformation that others will notice as well. (All the verses have been paraphrased by the editor.)

      Your new outfit: put on the garment of praise. Isaiah 61:3: "For those who are sad…God         wants to exchange the garment of praise for your spirit of depression, so that you can be         like beautiful trees of righteousness, planted by God, and pointing others to Him."

      Want to give your skin a healthy glow? Spend time in close fellowship with God.         Exodus 34:28-29: "And Moses was there with the Lord forty days and nights…and         Moses didn't realize that the skin of his face shone from talking with God."

      God wants you to get rid of those ugly blemishes! Apply holiness daily. Ephesians 5:27,         30: "Believers in Christ are part of the church, Christ's earthly 'body.' He is transforming         us and perfecting us in order to present us as His masterpiece: holy and without spots,         wrinkles, or blemishes of any kind."

      For a beautiful face, yield your life to the Holy Spirit. II Corinthians 3:18: "When we open         ourselves up to look deeply at God, we begin to mirror His glorious beauty, through His         Spirit working in us."

      God is the source of muscular arms! Genesis 49:24-25: "Here is the secret to Joseph's         success…His arms were strengthened by the mighty God of Jacob."

      Badly in need of a pedicure? For beautiful feet, tell someone else about Jesus! Romans         10:15: "How beautiful are the feet of those who go to tell others about the gospel,         spreading God's good news of forgiveness!"

      Finish off your beautiful new look with some jewelry: a sparkling tiara and the delicate         golden necklaces of obedience. Proverbs 1:8-9: "Don't reject your parents' instruction.         Your obedience will be just as becoming as the most expensive red-carpet bling."

     Now that you are wearing the outfit of praise, glowing from your fellowship time with God, becoming free from the blemishes of sin, having your face beautified by the Spirit, allowing God to strengthen and tone your muscles, beautifying your feet with the gospel news and being accessorized with the dazzling gems of obedience; you are breathtaking! At first glance, your friends may not recognize the change, but be patient and soon they will begin to see you as God already sees you: a beautiful princess, daughter of the King of Kings!


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